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Tinley Park, IL - March 19-20, 2016
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Pasadena, CA - Nov. 5-6, 2016

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NARBC Person of the Year Award

NARBC and our sponsors Zoo Med, Timberline Fisheries, Gourmet Rodent, Reptiles Magazine, Reptiles by Mack, Marc Bailey Reptiles, PetSmart, and Constrictors Unlimited will present the NARBC Person of the Year Award to the person who contributed the most and best represented our industry/hobby over the last year.

This award will be presented at the October Tinley Park show each year. To qualify for this award you will need to be nominated by someone in the industry other than yourself. To make a nomination you will need to go to the NARBC web site and click on the NARBC Person of the Year button. Fill out the form completely including your name and contact information along with a description of why you think this person should receive this award. The nominees will be voted on by all the NARBC sponsors and Brian and I.

The winner will receive the annual award along with a check for $1000.00, one full year of banner advertising on the NARBC website and two VIP passes to all NARBC shows the following year. The winner will be announced in Reptiles Magazine, and posted to the NARBC web site.

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