Arlington, TX - Feb. 17-18, 2018
Tinley Park, IL - March 17-18, 2018
Arlington, TX - Sept. 22-23, 2018
Tinley Park, IL - Oct. 13-14, 2018

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Classified Rules

Only one (1) account per password is allowed per business or individual.

You may only post advertisements for yourself or your business and you may not share your password with anyone.

No slander, explicit language, threats or warnings of other people are allowed on the NARBC Classifieds.

Each ad placed will be in compliance with all local, state and federal laws.

Each ad must include contact information in the form of a phone number or an email address in every ad.

No trademarked or copy written images or material are allowed to be posted without the trademark or copyright owners written consent.

You and you alone are solely responsible for the content of your ads.

Ads for non-reptile related products or services are not allowed to be posted in the NARBC Classifieds.

The quality of the animals you post on the NARBC Classifieds are to be kept to the same standards as if you were at one of the NARBC Shows. No unhealthy, sick or wild caught animals may be posted.

No spamming.

Vendors are responsible for their own ads and all consequences for their posts.

Vendors getting multiple complaints for selling sick animals or not fulfilling their commitments to their customers can and will lose their privileges on the NARBC Classifieds. Treat people, as you want to be treated.

We will not tolerate anyone trying to rip anyone off on these classifieds.

Any abuse of these rules can and will lead to the removal of your classified privileges and can lead to you not being allowed to vend at future NARBC shows.

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