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Axolotl Pellets *May also be fed to fish, koi, and other amphibians*

Posted On: Thu Sep 22 15:55:25 2016     By: Lex Olotl     Location: Texas
$10 per pound $6 priority shipping

Payments via Paypal. Please email or message at for orderings and any questions.

*I can fit up to 4 pounds in one shipment for the same shipping price* *Vacuum sealed in a bag that has a zipper for easy storage* *May be kept in the fridge for longevity*

Soft moist pellets which are vitamin and mineral fortified, fish-meal-based sinking salmon pellets, 1/8" (3mm) in diameter. These are the pellets used and recommended by the Ambystoma Genetic Stock Center, and also the brand most recommended on the Caudata forum group. Other pellet brands may look similar but typically have a different nutritional makeup not suited for amphibians. These are suitable to use as a staple diet in axolotls, however they should not be left in the tank longer than necessary as they can deteriorate and fowl the water rather quickly. Made in the U.S.A

Calculated Analysis Protein..........44% Fat...............15% Fiber.............<5% Ash...............<8%

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