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Dubia Roaches at Kimbrells Coldblood

Posted On: Fri Sep 9 17:00:49 2016     By: Quentin Kimbrell     Location: Salem, IL

Kimbrells Coldblood offers Dubia roaches in sizes ranging from extra small (1/4") up to jumbo (1 1/4" +). All dubia are sold by weight with an approximate count given. Selling in quantities of 250/500/1000/3000/5000/10,000. Shipping is only Monday through Wednesday. Please read the Terms of Service before ordering.

Ex Small: 15 grams/250 count $15.00 Small: 50 grams/250 count $20.00 Medium: 100 grams/250 count $25.00 Large: 235 grams/250 count $50.00 Jumbo:340 grams/250 count $60.00

If you have any questions feel free to email me for the fastest response:

Thanks, Quentin

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