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Posted On: Sat Jul 23 03:14:24 2016     By: Raul Lepe     Location: Van nuys
Live feeder Dubia roaches are an excellent feeder for your pets. No matter what you are trying to do, keep a balanced diet or fattening up. Dubia roaches provide 7 times the nutritional benefits of other commonly used feeders, like feeder crickets, and will not carry the parasites like crickets can.

Live Dubia Roaches are an excellent food source enjoyed by: Bearded Dragons, All species of Geckos, Arachnids, Tree Frogs, Toads and all other species of amphibians and even chickens I take VERY!! good care of my roaches. My chow I feed them is packed full of vitamins and calcium. I also feed them lots of fruits and vegetables.  Prices sm= 100=10. 500=45 Med 100=15. 500= 70 Large 100=20. 500=95

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