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Ultra Amel Caramel Motley Corn Snake - $80

Posted On: Fri Oct 17 15:59:52 2014     By: Lindsay Roberts     Location: Orlando Florida
I have a beautiful Ultra Amel Caramel Motley Corn Snake (Yearling). Her coloring is pretty rare. The reason I got her was because I'd never seen a corn snake with her mutation before. Her temperament is great. She's a little shy, but other than that, she doesn't have a mean bone in her body. She's never attempted to bite me, and is very tolerant when it comes to handling.

She's a great feeder, and is currently feeding off two fuzzies (frozen), about a week and a half apart. She recently shed about two and a half weeks ago, and it was all in one piece. She's a perfectly healthy snake, and has no damaged scales, mites or any issues whatsoever.

The only reason she needs to be rehomed is because I came into possession of another snake and I can't keep both, so unfortunately I have to let her go. With her, I'll send her Exo-Terra water bowl with a very nice hide (All Living Things Bogwood Reptile Ornament). She absolutely loves the hide. It's got three places where she loves to hide, and it's got several holes in it for her to crawl in and out of. Additionally, the holes allow her to bask in the heat without her feeling exposed.

If you're interested, please call or text me. I'm only asking for an $80 rehoming fee. The water bowl and the hide come free.

P: (352) 552-7216

Thank you, ~ Liz

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