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Discoid Roaches For Sale! As Low As .09 Each - FLORIDA LEGAL FEEDER ROACH

Posted On: Fri May 5 20:38:33 2017     By: Joe Franklin     Location: Covington Ga
These are Florida Legal (Blaberus Discoidalis) also known as Discoids. Rare in the industry and easy to breed legally in Florida. Same care as the well known Dubia. This species compared to Dubia have smaller babies when born and grow out to be bigger adults. They are heavier in size comparison, so more meat per size / length x width compared to Dubia. EXAMPLE 1/4 inch Dubia range between .038-.040 grams where 1/4 inch Discoids range is higher at .048-.050 grams. Discoids have approx 10 grams more meat per 1000 nymphs.

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